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Real Cricket Mod APK is the latest post on Sure APK site. I am sure you like this post of Real Cricket Mod APK.

Real Cricket is the best cricket game series, most of the mobile gamers love this game. Real Cricket 2019 is now the most popular cricket game in 2019.

In India, billions of people are cricket Fans. When there is any tournament is there then these fans support cricket. Cricket is like a breath of Cricket Fans. But only students can play cricket on the ground but other fans and very busy at work, so for Real Cricket Mod APK is best.

mod real cricket

Why do I like Real Cricket Mod APK?

The Real Cricket is very best cricket game I ever saw, the 3D graphics, the controls everything is awesome with this game. But if you download a Real Cricket APK from play store then, when you start playing the game then you want some cricket items like bat stickers, jersey then you want to pay for that but if you download Real Cricket Mod APK from our website then you get everyone is free no any charges required.

In this mod, you some extra features, for know about features you want to download this Mod APK. Some features like no restrictions for playing matches and no limitations of using advance stickers, custom jerseys.

I love this mod version if you want to download Real Cricket Mod APK then Download from our website.

Features of Real Cricket Mod APK.

The Real Cricket Mod APK is best cricket game for cricket fans.

 1. Real-Time Multiplayer

Yes on Real Cricket Mod APK you can play Real-time Multiplayer with your friends or strangers. In this mode, you can play in three modes which are categories by play with friends, strangers.

The first type is Ranked where you can create your own team with custom jerseys, logos, and stickers and compete with others. Another mode is Unranked in which you want to choose international masters or premier league team and compete with others. And the third type is played with friends in which you can invite friends and compete with them.

 2. Campaign Mode

This mode is very interesting, if you are a fan Real Cricket then you are also a fan of Cricket. So you know that Test series in which one game is 5days and they arrange 3-5 matches which are called a tour.

Just like that you also create a team for test matches and you can arrange a Tour with other Test Playing Teams.

 3. Choose Preferred Time

This is also a very cool feature of this game where you can choose your time to play. In Real Cricket Mod APK you having available times are Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Dusk and Night Timings. Because of this feature, you can enjoy any day time playing cricket.

 4. Ultra edge, Hotspot, and Snickometer

In today's time cricket the most advanced technology is used for very close decisions or for third umpire decisions. In which Ultra Edge Review system, Snickometer and Hotspot system is available which help the umpire to take the right decisions. As same as this technology you can see in Real Cricket APK which makes this is the best Cricket game for all time.

 5. Rain and Duckworth-lewis Method

If you know cricket well then you know that Duckworth-lewis Method is the most complicated rule in the world of cricket. I see and playing cricket last 10 years and in 10 years years, I never understand the Duckworth-lewis Method. Many cricketers don't understand this rule. The same method was included in Real Cricket Mod APK.

I am very happy to see this rule in this game. Also sad because I never understand it. There is Duckworth-lewis means there is rain in this game. I experienced that the rain is unpredictable means anytime the rain is happening here.

 6. Beautiful Stadiums

Cricket stadium is the heart of this sports. A beautiful stadium was very important to play cricket. A big stadium can make big revenue to support this game. That's why every sport required a stadium to handle this crowd. The Real Cricket Mod APK also have a Stadiums in the game. They included real-life Stadiums copy in the game. The Stadiums are from Mumbai, Pune, Cape Town, Melbourne, London, Dubai, Wellington, and Kolkata.

 7. Camera View

The cameras are very important to broadcast any cricket match on TV or the internet. Because there is a big number of people's are watching the match on TV or the Internet. As same as the Real Cricket Mod APK also have tons of Camera Angles which shows every moment of cricket. To play the cameras included like batsman's eye, baller eye. There are many camera Angle is included in the Game.

 7.  Tournaments

The tournament is where teams are joining to play cricket with other teams. Just like that Real Cricket Mod APK also having Tournaments which are taken from real-world cricket. Like World Cup, Champions Cup, Asia Cup, Master Trophy, under 19 World Cup also have Premier Leagues.

 8. Premier Leagues

The Game having most popular premier Leagues like IPL (Indian Premier League), PSL (Pakistan Super League), BPL (Bangladesh Premier League), Big Bash and Caribbean Premier League. In this Indian Premier League is most popular premier league played. Same you can enjoy in the Game.

 9. Test Matches and DRS

In cricket the most classic type is Test matches, I ask many people which cricket format (Test, ODI, T20) is best, then they said that Test is the format where best prayers real strength was Shown. So you can play Test Series with different teams.

If you know Cricket then DRS you heard. The DRS is the system to analyze the wicket, catch whatever which are doesn't understand by On-field umpire then he goes for This Umpire who analyze the term by using very advanced machines like Ultra edge, Hotspot. This is important to have a DRS in Real Cricket Mod APK.

10. Unique Player faces, shots, jerseys

This is also a very important feature I ever say because this gives a feeling to Play cricket with your favorite player. The game included almost the same players from real-life cricket and also give their unique shot playing strength. Because of this feature, I like the game most.

They also included every team jerseys so you can with your favorite team with there Jerseys. If you play IPL in the game then you can also have your favorite team, so you want to choose the favorite team and play with them.

The Realistic Gameplay.

The Real Cricket Mod APK having a most Realistic Gameplay ever. The Game is 400 MB which is very lite according to today's mobile generation. The game you can play on any with the medium graphics settings.

The Game is looking very realistic while playing. The jerseys are designed very well so can't find any mistake in it. The Player faces also looking very real, the players are almost the same as real Cricket players.

In real life, cricket Players have there owned unique batting style or Balling style like M.S. Dhoni who having there own batting style and wicket keeping style, another example is Jasprit Bumrah who is now best Bower in cricket who have a very different and unique style. Just like that the Players in the Game are having the same unique style as the real version of Player.

The Real Cricket Mod APK is the best Cricket game for any cricket lover. He will get many Cricket format like Test, ODI, T20, premier Leagues.

Real Cricket Mod APK 2.6 Download.

Earn 50,000 Rs By Playing Games Daily.

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Today I will tell you how to Earn money by playing games. Yes this trick is very important for those who wants some extra income for fun and expenses.

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Earn 50,000 Rs By Playing Games Daily.

Candy Crush Mod APK Download for Android.

Candy Crush Mod APK Download: This is a very interesting topic for the Candy Crush fans because today we share Candy Crush Mod APK for candy Crush die heart Fans. In this article, we give the latest version of the Candy Crush Mod APK for Download. If you want always the latest version of the game then bookmark our Sure APK website because we only believe in the latest trend.

So, guys, Candy Crush Game was the most popular Game in some countries. And I also the biggest fan of the game and I play this game many hours a day and I completed almost every level. The Candy Crush is a puzzle type Game where you want to join the same type of three balls in a line. The Candy Crush having 500+ millions of Downloads. For 500 Million people we find Candy Crush Mod APK.
Candy crush Mod APK

The developer of the Candy Crush is King Company, the company developed four different versions. Like Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush friends Saga, and Candy Crush Jelly Saga. In this Candy Crush Saga are the most Downloaded Game of all time and other versions also having a big fan following. In this post, we provide a Candy Crush Mod of Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Game of entertainment.

The Candy Crush Saga and other versions are full of Entertainment. You can't bored while playing Candy Crush on your mobile. In my opinion, I like two versions of the Candy Crush is Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga. In these two I completed all levels in Candy Crush Soda Saga.

But after completing all levels I realized that this takes very much time to complete the level. If you know then you know that in the game you can only play 5 rounds, after some time you get one round. It took me to complete one year to complete levels but the game is upgrading and new levels are coming. For you guys who want to use all Features of Game, we give an Unlimited everything version of Candy Crush Mod APK.

In this Candy Crush Mod APK you a fully unlocked version so you can get everything without any purchase. I am very happy to share this Game with you. I personally used this Mod Game and I am sure you also like it.

Candy Crush Saga Mod APK for Android.

As you know, in this post I tell and gives a Mod File of Candy Crush Saga Mod APK. I also found that on Google people search on Candy Crush Soda Mod APK but if you want Candy Crush Soda Mod APK then comment me I take an action and provide the latest version of Candy Crush Soda Mod APK.

Let's talk on Candy Crush Saga Mod APK. If you know then this version having a very big Downloading on Google play store. Because of the big Fan following or game playing, we select this game and provide you. If you excited for this mod version then Download it from our website.

Features of Mod APK:

1. Unlimited everything:

This gonna be covered complete Features of the Game. Because you know that the biggest problem while playing the game is purchased. In a game many items are available to purchase, According to Google play store, the items price is 11,000 RS per item. Which is very costly. But in Candy Crush Mod APK you get all is free.

This is only one point which is useful to others, also some small points are added in the Mod Game like there is no time limit, you can get unlimited jelly, candies, many more. We provide a Fully functional Download link at the bottom of the article, and the Download link is of the Google Drive so you get awesome Download Experience.

Final thoughts

According to me, I suggest you download this Candy Crush Mod APK for the only trial. Because the real enjoyment is completing all levels without any hack. I only share this Mod Game with you because people need this, people want this game to play in a fully unlocked mode.

If you like this Mod Game then share with your friends and family. If you want more Mod Games and Apps then. Bookmark our website or follow.

Candy Crush Mod APK is the game for Candy Crush fans and Candy Crush Soda Mod APK is only for Soda fans. Select your favorite game and download it.

Candy Crush Mod APK Download for Android.

Subway Surfers Mod APK Download latest version | Sure APK

Subway Surfers Mod APK Download: If you play a subway Surfers game in your childhood then your childhood was awesome. When I was 10-Year-old means 6 Years ago I started to play Subway Surfers in my friend mobile. So 6 Years ago the Technology was not developed as much today, but the friend was a college student so he having a mobile.

Subway Surfers Mod APK Game

When he comes from college then I playing the game. Truly, I miss that day. So, the point is Subway Surfers is a very old and popular Game. Almost every child once in life play this game.

When I playing this game, then I think about how to get unlimited coins free without any purchase. For this question, I search on Google and I found Subway Surfers Mod APK.

When I see a Mod of Subway Surfers Then I am shocked it is possible to hack any game. I play Subway Surfers Mod APK in fully unlocked Features. I am sure you also want to download Mod APK for that you are here, so you can also play Mod Game easily by simply Downloading Subway Surfers Mod APK from our website Sure APK.

Subway Surfers Mod APK Features:

Subway Surfers is a Game of entertainment where you can play with big surprises. Like other games in the game, you also want to play games and earn coins for unlocking boards. But I give a solution to this problem, Here I had a Subway Surfers Mod APK so you can easily get unlimited Coins and Keys. Below I explained a which Features you get in Mod APK.

Using this Mod version you can unlock every Hoverboard without any purchase or playing a lot of time. You also get unlimited keys it means you never die. This is very interesting to play unlimited Coins. So you can use every Feature of the Game which you want to use in your childhood.

What Features you get inside of Subway Surfers Mod APK:
  • 1. The Subway Surfers World Tour continues in colorful Marrakesh
  • 2. Explore sandy deserts, relaxing spas and colorful markets
  • 3. Enjoy the astonishing surroundings with Salma’s new Talisman Outfit
  • 4. Unlock the Magic Carpet board for an enchanting ride down the tracks
  • 5. Introducing the Stats bar to keep track of your High Score and resources.

This is some Features you get in the Mod APK. So Download it from our website, our website provides High-speed server to download Apk File.

How to install Subway Surfers Mod APK.

  • 1. The first step is Download Apk File from our website.
  • 2. Our website provides a Google Drive link so you never get irritated by other websites, you can direct download File from the website.
  • 3. After downloading, click on the file. If the Installation asked for permission.
  • 4. Go to settings and in security option enable Unknown Source option.
  • 5. After this click on the file again and see installation is ready, Install it.
  • 6. And now enjoy your Mod APK with unlimited coins and Keys.

Final Thoughts

If you like this article then share with your friends and family because everyone wants to play Mod Game so Share with friends. I providing a super fast Drive server to game download, so you get 100% faster speed than any other website. I updating a game version when the latest version is available. So bookmark our website, so you can up to date with game new hacks.

Our website Sure APK provides the latest Mod Apps and Mod Games. If you want to download any Mod APK or Game then visit our Websites. I am sure you get every Mod APK or Game.

Subway Surfers Mod APK Download latest version | Sure APK

MX Player Pro APK latest version Download 2019 | Sure APK

MX Player Pro APK latest version Download 2019: This is one of the most popular Video player in world. The reason behind that is the Features, User Experience and tools to play any video is awesome. Right Now I having MX Player app and when I want to see any movie then Everytime my only choice is MX Player app.

When I downloaded it from play store then I don't know how this video player performs. But when I play a video in it, then I difficult to handle. Because I using volume buttons to set volume, later I know all the features of the MX Player app and Now the best video player in my phone.

MX Player Pro APK

After some months later I find MX Player Pro APK on Play Store but the app is paid. So doesn't have any money to buy this and I search on Google and I found a APK file and I installed it. Now in my MX Player many Features and fuctions available. Because I like MX Player Pro APK so I want to share with you. So I provided a download link at the last of article. So Download it from our Sure APK website.

Why MX Player Pro APK was better than MX Player app?

There are many reasons that claim that MX Player Pro APK was awesome than any other video player. The gesture for operating mobile is awesome like it looks like advance. In Pro version some more extra Features will be added to make it better than normal version.

On Google Play store the price of Pro version is something 270. So the price was big and according price it is necessary to add some more extra features. Without more functions the Pro version is same as normal version.

Only two reasons that MX Player Pro APK having more powerful than MX Player.

1. Ad free version:

Yes, Pro version is fully ad free, you can't see a small ad in the Pro Version. But in normal version many ads are appear which is very irritating. Only this thing irritating me more, when I open MX Player then many ads appear and I feel bad. If you also want to remove this ad then you can purchase Pro version on Play Store or Download for free from our website.

2. Powerful subtitles support:

Below are the subtitles formats that supports by MX Player Pro version.

- DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS subtitle tracks.
- SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling.
- SAMI(.smi) with Ruby tag support.
- SubRip(.srt)
- MicroDVD(.sub)
- VobSub(.sub/.idx)
- SubViewer2.0(.sub)
- MPL2(.mpl)
- TMPlayer(.txt)
- Teletext
- PJS(.pjs)
- WebVTT(.vtt)

Subtitles, this thing help me more. When I having a Hollywood film but I doesn't having more knowledge of English but because of subtitles today I can talk English. If you also having problem to understand English then Pro APK version helpful to you.

Why MX Player APK is no. 1 Video Player?

If any one asked you which is the best video player for Android then your only answer is MX Player.

In today's time the best and no. 1 Video Player is MX Player. Because of its Features, interference, and many more. The MX Player support many gestures to play any video, on screen volume button, brightness controller. We can control volume by sliding fingers up-down on right side. And as same as we control brightness by up-down on left side. 

As you know MX Player support Many subtitles File extensions. Whenever I want to see any video then I choose MX Player. The MX Player uses mobile hardware very efficiently. So you get many options to use hardware for Video playing. MX Player also support many video file fprmats. So you download any format video.

In New version of MX Player you get online entertain, like YouTube, Hotstar. On MX Player you get whatever you want, because J2 interactive company Who developed a MX Player has tie up with many big sites like YouTube, ALT Balaji and Sony LIV.

This is very good news because now we don't need to download other apps because we get all shows, web series, Videos in one app. So download MX Player Pro APK from our website for free.

MX Player Pro vs VLC Media player

MX Player and VLC Media player are two most popular Video Player in world. VLC player is most popular Video Player for Windows. If you talk about Best windows Video Player then there is no compitation for VLC player but for mobile MX Player is the best video player. Below we write two paragraphs first is of MX Player Pro APK and second is VLC Media player. If you want to compare then compare by reading two paragraphs.

MX Player Pro APK :


  • 1. User friendly Experience so User easily move any folder easily.
  • 2. Uses fully supported hardware to increase volume or best quality enhancement.
  • 3. Having friendly hand gestures to control video.
  • 4. Support every type of Video formats and Subtitles formats.


  • 1. Ads in between in MX Player and in MX Player Pro APK is adsfree version.
  • 2. Pro version is paid. So ads Free version is very costly.

VLC Media player:

  • 1. Support any format's of video and subtitles.
  • 2. The VLC player is opensource so this is fully ads free version. Anyone can modify the source code of player.
  • 3. Having same hand gestures to control a video.
  • 4. Screen cast on desktop VLC player.


  • 1. The nevigation is hard. Because interface is hard to find any video.
  • 2. Less security because of opensource Software.

This are some points to compare between two biggest competitors and it is hard to find Best Video Player.

If you ask my opinion then off course my choice is MX Player Pro APK. If you want to download Pro version then below we provided a Google Drive link. So you can download APK file in very fast speed.

MX Player Pro APK download. The MX Player Pro APK was the powerful Video Player for Android, having many tools to play any video.

MX Player Pro APK latest version Download 2019.

Es file Explorer Pro APK Download.

ES file Explorer Pro APK Download: This is the latest trend I found on Google. So today we talk on ES file Explorer Pro APK which is no. 1 file explorer in the world. The all is Game of popularity is Features that he providing.

Es file explorer Pro APK provides the ultimate Features to arrange files. Yes, most of the people want to arrange File According to their choice. But it is very hard to arrange files with internal File Explorer. If you use Windows PC then you easily set your files according to your use. But if you use Android then you know that.

ES file explorer pro

Most of the people who use Android devices, these people can't even see which files are created or deleted. Because most of the people don't know how to arrange this file. For this solution ES file Explorer Pro APK is important. I also not open a File Explorer because I don't like it, the user experience is very bad. I can't find my files.

So when I search on Google best file explorer for Android then I find ES file Explorer Pro APK. And I download it. And I am now happy with this File Explorer. Because now I know which file is created or deleted.

ES file Explorer Pro APK - Arrange your files ultimately.

Yes, you can easily arrange files ultimately. Because the Features provided by this file explorer is awesome. Like you can experience that you using a Windows laptop or PC.

You know that in Android many duplicate files are created, junk Files are created and for deleting these files we want to download cache cleaner or memory cleaner. So you can download only one app ES file Explorer Pro APK and use for multipurpose. You can be used as ZIP viewer, file compressor, Video players, image viewers, remote File manager and many more.

The ES File Explorer Pro APK having a Recycle bin, where all deleted images, files, Videos save them. This is very helpful when wrongly you delete any file. I mostly use this Feature for hiding private files. Because no one can check the Recycle bin.

ES file Explorer Pro APK - Bundle of Features.

In my opinion, ES file Explorer Pro APK is a bundle of Features. Because I have never seen this much Features in any other File manager. And some Features are I never seen before but now I am very aware of this Features.
If you want to use more unseen then Download ES file Explorer Pro APK from our website. The user experience is some difficult but when you use this for two days then you will be Master of this app. And you can use all these Features as you want.

The ES File Explorer Pro APK contains an internal browser so you can easily search any query about file Explorer.

ES file Explorer Pro APK Unlocked Features.

  • 1. The file manager is fully ad-free, it means you can't see a single ad in the app.
  • 2. You easily customize the app According to your choice.
  • 3. The ES File Explorer team is doing work on improvement of ES file Explorer Pro APK. So stay tuned in future the app will be the best file manager of all time.
  • 4. Themes option: Design your theme According to your choice. And also do customization for your comfortable Use.

The file Explorer having multiple tools and Features to do control on your device. Also having a very advance Features to access file manager on PC.

Features of ES file Explorer Pro APK.

1. Utility Manager:

Access your Internal memory, SD card memory easily. The Explorer separate the Internal and SD card memory so you easily identify which memory is full. And also ES file Explorer Pro APK can access PenDrive memory. Because most of the mobile phone can't have access to PenDrive but this file explorer can give full access to the user.

2. App Representative:

This is the best Feature for Android users. Because in normal File manager you can't see installed app separately. But in ES file Explorer Pro APK the apps are categorized in a very simple way, so you easily find the targeted app. And you can take back up of all Apps, taking back up of Apps can help you most. You can also delete uninstalled APK files.

3. Remote File manager:

This is very advance Feature for people. This is something like hacking. You can manage all your files remotely in PC or Laptop. This is all done because the file explorer uses the server to handle your files on the desktop.

4. Archive:

This is a very important Feature for students or Office workers. This feature is used for compressor decompresses any ZIP File. Today's world is forwarding and most of the documents are sharing on WhatsApp in the form of ZIP files. For this ES file Explorer, Pro APK was playing an important role.

4. Built-in Viewers and Players:

This is also an interesting Feature for every type of people. Like most of the people want to listen to music so they directly open any music file in built-in music player. And as same as Music Player, this Explorer also contains  Video player. The good thing is this Explorer can be able to play or open every type of file and media. So Download this from our website for free.

5. Text Editor:

This can be useful for students because I am also a student and I use this text editor for programming and various projects. I easily read Docx File without any problem. I think this text editor support all types of Text formats.

6. Access PC at home:

This is some awesome Feature to access your PC at your Smartphone by taking advantage of the ES File Explorer Pro APK. You just to connect your mobile to PC via WiFi and start accessing PC at your mobile fingertips. The speed was very good and you easily arrange File and folders through a mobile phone.

7. Bluetooth File Browser:

This is something advance, where you easily share Files between two devices using a Bluetooth. ES file Explorer Pro APK support OBEX FTP server to share files between two devices. This working only when both devices support Bluetooth.

8. Kill background process:

This is important for low RAM memory devices. Because it can help you to kill the background process and gives speed up to RAM memory. This can help you to boost the performance of your device.

9. Cache cleaner:

This can help you to delete Files having zero value. Maybe you know that many apps are creating a cache file but these files are cannot delete automatically and Stored in your internal memory. If you use ES file Explorer Pro APK then this file manager helps you delete all cache files in single click.

10. Root Explorer:

This function is useful for Root users. This tool is only for Root user's if you want to use this Feature then Root your device.

Note: Root process is very dangerous because it can remove your device warranty.

If your mobile is rooted then this can allows you to access your full mobile. With giving every access permission. This gives access to edit whole device Files.

11. Multiple language support:

Below languages are fully supported by ES file Explorer Pro APK.
English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Tamil, Catalan, Turkish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, etc.

ES file Explorer Pro APK Download

Download the ES file Explorer Pro APK from below link. The link is of the Google drive, so you easily download APK file.

ES file Explorer Pro APK is the best file manager for your Android device. If you want to arrange Files then Download ES file Explorer Pro APK.

Es file Explorer Pro APK Download.

Yo WhatsApp APK download.

Yo WhatsApp APK Download: This is the latest topic I found on the internet. After the success of GB WhatsApp APK, the Yo WhatsApp APK is coming for people. Generally, this app is made because of people's need some more extra Features than a normal WhatsApp.

Yo WhatsApp APK

If you want to know more about Yo WhatsApp then read this article up to last. Because in this Yo WhatsApp APK download post I tell every small detail of Yo WhatsApp. After reading this post you be know all Features of Yo WhatsApp.

Yo WhatsApp APK - Evolution of Whatsapp.

If you know that, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. And you know that Facebook is a very huge company. And Facebook is doing improvement in WhatsApp and increasing the security of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the biggest social media platform where millions of people active.

According to reports, WhatsApp crossed the 1 Billion users connected to WhatsApp.

But if you look on Yo WhatsApp APK then, most of the people like the Yo WhatsApp APK themes and user experience. Normal WhatsApp is not bad but people want more features. I also use GB WhatsApp APK and I am trying to use Yo WhatsApp APK because according to me Yo WhatsApp APK is one step ahead.

I use Yo WhatsApp APK and I experience that best attractive themes, which keeps my UI so I spent more time. As same as Yo WhatsApp APK, the GB WhatsApp APK also provide best Features.

Yo WhatsApp APK is the unofficial app of WhatsApp. In the future, there may be fewer chances to be used worldwide because there may be WhatsApp can ban this app. But According to report WhatsApp to stop the banning people who use third-party WhatsApp. But I don't know how many days this rule is to follow.

WhatsApp APK - Pack of Features

Above heading show a feature of WhatsApp APK. I used this app so I can tell you Features that are used and shocked me. If you search on the play store then this app is not available. Because of security issues. But in my opinion, there is no security issue you found. The theme is the most important Feature only because of themes the App is popular.

In Yo WhatsApp APK you get many unseen Features which are never seen before in WhatsApp. If you using GB WhatsApp APK then I suggest you upgrade GB WhatsApp APK with this Yo WhatsApp APK. Features are the most important. You easily Yo WhatsApp APK download from our website.
Below I explained some popular Features, which is a big reason why Yo WhatsApp APK is popular. In the app 30+ Features available but I explained only a five Features but you get a brief idea of Yo WhatsApp APK. Then read below five Features and after this, you learn how to download and install Yo WhatsApp APK in any Android phone.

Features of Yo WhatsApp APK:

1. Last seen:

This is the most recent Feature which is also available on GB WhatsApp APK. This feature can help you to hide last seen from your friends and family. You know that privacy is important if you look at WhatsApp. Because most of the people try to hide their last seen in WhatsApp but in normal WhatsApp, it is hard to hide last seen.

But if you download Yo WhatsApp APK then you be able to hide last seen. And you can chat on WhatsApp without any time limit.

2. Hide Double tick mark:

You can notice that when you send any message on WhatsApp then for confirmation the WhatsApp shows a tick mark. One tick mark means the message is reached but WhatsApp is not open, double tick mark means the message is reached and the user is online but can't read a message and double tick mark with blue color means the message is successfully read.
This feature is work on both sides. Means if you using WhatsApp APK and you send a message to a friend who uses WhatsApp then if you send a message with hiding tick mark then same the friend cannot see tick marks.

3. Upload video up to 700 MB:

In normal WhatsApp, you cannot upload big size Video but if you switch in Yo WhatsApp APK then you cross this limit. And you can upload up to 700 MB of large Video. It means you can share any 720p movie on WhatsApp. On the internet, some social media platform give access to share up to 1 GB of File. But in normal WhatsApp, you cannot share big size Video.
If you like to share big Video files then Download Yo WhatsApp APK in your mobile.

4. Change notification bar icon:

When you get WhatsApp message then some part of the message is shown. And when you in public place and you get a notification then many read starring at you and your message. By using this Feature you can change the notification bar icon. If you set the icon of YouTube then no one understands the message and he will never know about what message you get.

5. Application launcher icon Change:

This is a very cool Feature given by Yo WhatsApp APK. This is like some hacking. It is very awesome to change the icon of Yo WhatsApp. Which one you like to set this icon, in Yo WhatsApp APK 11 icons available means you can have 11 choices. So set your favorite icon.

This is some popular or important Features of Yo WhatsApp APK and for using all Features you need to download the Yo WhatsApp APK file. And I am sure you like all the Features. For Yo WhatsApp APK download go to last of the article you get the Download link.

How to download and install Yo WhatsApp APK from Sure APK website.

For simplicity, I provide a download link of Google Drive so you can easily download this app through Google drive.

How to download:

1. Click on the Download button which is given at the last.
2. When you click the Download will be started.
3. The Google drive was very fast so the download is complete in less than one minute.

How to install:

1. After following above steps you can download Yo WhatsApp APK.
2. After downloading click on the downloaded File.
3. Go to settings and enable the Unknown Source option.
4. And easily install Yo WhatsApp APK in your mobile.
Follow the above steps to download Yo WhatsApp APK in any Android Device.

1. Yo WhatsApp APK download
2. Yo WhatsApp download
3. Yo WhatsApp
4. Yo WhatsApp latest version download

Yo WhatsApp APK download for any Android Device, Sure APK website provide a information of how to download Yo WhatsApp APK.

Yo WhatsApp APK download.

GB WhatsApp New Version APK Download.

GB WhatsApp New Version APK Download: This is the most important article for WhatsApp users. Because I am going to tell you how to GB WhatsApp New Version APK Download. There are many reasons to use GB WhatsApp because our world is changing Super fast and technology is growing.

To up to date with Technology you also want to be updated. So for this, I make this Sure APK website. In our website, I post only useful content which is keeping you up to date. And our aim is to update every person with Technology through Apps. So read GB WhatsApp New Version APK Download article at last point.

GB WhatsApp APK Download

So in today's time, everyone is using Whatsapp. According to internet reports over 1 Billion users are using Whatsapp. So WhatsApp is the biggest social media app. 

GB WhatsApp Protect your Privacy.

If you know then Information is one of the biggest Wealth in today's time. Because of your information everything. Today Everyone is spending time on the internet, Mobile, Laptop. In these devices, we installing many Softwares and apps. In daily routine, we open this app and use hours and hours. GB WhatsApp New Version APK Download.

So we spend time on this app by trusting them. But According to some experts, all apps we use daily is taking information from us without permission. Take an example, when you open an Amazon and searching and a product like Samsung mobile, so here you only see it. But after some time when you searching on Google then you can notice the Same mobile ad is showing.

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3. Dp for Instagram HD.

I also noticed this, I am not sure about this. But I noticed that. So there are minimum chances that this Companies tracking us. But for taking care we suggest GB WhatsApp New Version APK Download. I am sure that you installed WhatsApp on your mobile because it is our need. And the present time most of the things are done using Whatsapp.

So WhatsApp is our need and now Whatsapp is an important part of our mobile. Without WhatsApp, the mobile is the only a box of tin. So most of the college students, workers use WhatsApp for their need. In college also teachers created a group of class in WhatsApp and share a daily update. So you can see that the popularity and trust of WhatsApp. For protecting your privacy GB WhatsApp New Version APK Download.

How GB WhatsApp will help to protect privacy.

The GB WhatsApp is like a clone of the WhatsApp but actually, it is not a clone. You can say that it is an upgraded version of Whatsapp but not upgraded by Official. Many talented people are living on this planet and they are not having fear. So they use their skills and added special parameters which are required According to people. GB WhatsApp New Version APK Download with new features and Powers.

Like most of the people don't like a Last seen Feature because they want to hide from someone like parents, teachers. There are many Features available in WhatsApp which are don't like by people. But some Features are like people but WhatsApp does not add, the reason is unknown. And one noticed is GB WhatsApp is free to download so Download GB WhatsApp APK.

GB WhatsApp APK is playing an important role to protect our privacy. Because of its Features, we going to use all privacy Features. This Features are mind-blowing and can increase your privacy. If you using normal WhatsApp then I suggest you to Download GB WhatsApp New Version APK. I am sure you like these Features.

How to download GB WhatsApp APK file in your mobile.

Here we provide every possible information about GB WhatsApp. Here we learn how to download and install GB WhatsApp APK file in your mobile.

  • 1.  At last of the article, the Download link is available click on it.
  • 2. After clicking the Download is Started from Google Drive.
  • 3. After finishing the download, click on the file and you go to install page.
  • 4. If the installation is blocked then go to settings and in security click on the unknown source and enable it.
  • 5. After this setting, you will able to install GB WhatsApp APK. 
  • 6. After complete installation. Open the GB WhatsApp app and log in with your details.
  • 7. And now you having a shield to protect your private chatting, Status and many more.

This is a simple installation process. So perform it and Download GB WhatsApp New Version APK. If you having any query about GB WhatsApp then ask me in the comment box.

In a few months ago WhatsApp banning the people who use the mod WhatsApp app. But now don't take tension in this GB WhatsApp you never face any ban problem. The big Feature of the app is we can use this app for free. And another Feature is we use lots of Features without any limits.

Features of GB WhatsApp APK

  • 1. Hide online status According to your choice.
  • 2. Hide Double tick mark. So you can easily trick on your friends.
  • 3. Copy multiple messages. Without date.
  • 4. Support all stickers package to access new play store stickers package.
  • 5. Added new fonts to look your WhatsApp chatting in your favorite style.
  • 6. You can easily sort all messages according to Newest to oldest.
  • 7. Added configuration Feature when you do group chat.
  • 8. The limit of pin chats is increased.
  • 9. Bug fixes in the Last version.
  • 10. Send up to 90 images at a time which is better than WhatsApp.
  • 11. Always online mode, when you go offline then other friends see you are online status.

final words

So, I am sure you are wanting this app for use so Download the latest version of GB WhatsApp APK from our website. The profit of the Downloading app from our website is you always get the latest version of the app. And I posted many mod Apps for you so check out. GB WhatsApp APK is free to use and it can be working on every Android device.

You can download GB WhatsApp APK from Sure APK website, and now you are only one step left to use unseen Features of WhatsApp which are you never seen before.

GB WhatsApp APK is comes with unseen Features. You can download GB WhatsApp APK from our website for free. GB WhatsApp New Version APK Download.

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GB WhatsApp New Version APK Download.